About Artyco Crafts


I have spent my whole working life involved in the mould industry, sculpting in my spare time.

When a change in personal circumstance required a drastic change of employment...I went solo!

Now eight years down the line, I have learnt an amazing amount and am hugely proud of the quality of our moulds most of which are sculpted by myself and other talented artists with some designs coming from craft finds with a little tweaking here and there.

I am concentrating on designs that no other companies do, specializing in the more unusual with a lot of our ideas having been suggested by our customers.

Although aimed initially at cake decorators, more and more of my customers are using them for other crafts such as mixed media, card making, paper crafts, soap, home decor, even hand made kids crayons. 

My moulds are all tested using sugarpaste and instructions are included. Some moulds do need a little more care when using and may be less suitable for mediums that set hard in the mould, such as chocolate or plaster but thanks to our beautifully squidgy silicone most of my designs are very easy to use and can even be used by children. Please email if in doubt although we do accept returns.

I am committed to bringing you my designs at a fair price but please bear in mind that they are made in the UK by my small but dedicated team and cant compete with products made in the far east.

Currently receiving fabulous 5 star feedback from customers around the world on the various different platforms where our moulds are available and also from social media. Professional users have said that they are by far the easiest moulds they have ever used but still give a fantastic amount of detail.

Our moulds have been seen on TV several times and we were even lucky enough to make the moulds for a major film promo....not bad for a little company by the sea!

I welcome any suggestions for new moulds and can also resize any existing designs.

Having now sold 1000's of moulds all over the world it would be lovely to see what you have made with them.

Louise x